St. Paul's Episcopal Church Cemetery
St. Paul's Episcopal Church located at 401 Duval Street in Key West and was established in 1831 with the first Vestry constructed in 1833.  The church has been destroyed by hurricanes and fire and has been rebuilt several times.

The land was originally granted in 1832 by the widow of John William Charles Fleming, one of the original owners of the island of Key West.  The only condition set forth by Mrs. Fleming was that the remains of her husband must never be removed from this land.  His remains still rests there and although the actual location of his grave is unknown.  Frequent reported occurrences of unexplained phenonema over the years have contributed to the speculation that the grave was covered in one of the church's many reconstructions, possibly disturbing one or more of the spirits resting there.

Behind the church is a small garden and memorial graveyard where many have claimed to witness the vaporous apparition of a man in 19th century attire and at times another ghostly spirit that appears to be a legendary Sea Captain who frightens visitors.  

Several different spirits have been reported at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Cemetery including the apparition of children huddled around the statue of an angel that stands in the corner of the garden. One of the spirits include a man who expelled pirates from Key West. Accounts report he has actually attacked people stopping by the cemetery, causing ghost tours to avoid going through the cemetery because of these incidences.

There are also several schoolchildren who reportedly haunt the cemetery; these children died in a nearby fire started by the pastor of the church who became enraged when he discovered that his wife and the deacon were involved in an affair together.

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