Old Town Manor (Eaton Lodge)
Old Town Manor located at 511 Eaton Street in Key West, formerly known as Eaton Lodge, is a victorian style mansion built in 1886. It is ideally located just steps off of Duval Street in the heart of Old Town Key West, and it was once home to Key West’s only surgeon, Dr. William Warren. One of the first ornamental gardens on the Keys once grew around the Eaton Lodge. Genevieve Warren cultivated it at her charming mansion she shared with her physician husband, William, where together they raised their family along with her impressive orchid collection. Here in this lush and peaceful oasis stand the two historically significant buildings that comprise the Eaton Lodge compound. The main house is a fully restored victorian mansion, while the classic three story Greek revival was constructed just after the Great Fire of 1886 by Samuel Otis Johnson. This landmark has been carefully refurbished to retain its original grandeur and elegance. It is on the National Register of Historic Homes and has been the recipient of a Rehabilitation Award from the Historic Florida Keys Foundation and has been featured on the Old Island Restoration Federation Christmas Tour of Historically Significant Homes. The Carriage House, once a dry goods store in the early 1880's is now located in the courtyard garden. All of the rooms have been individually decorated with antiques, wicker and whimsical, tropically painted pieces. 

As well as living in the Lodge, Dr Warren also performed procedures on the premises and it is said that he would pace the halls at night worrying about his patients. Eaton Lodge is said to be haunted by a number of ghosts.  Sightings of a woman in a formal dress believed to be Genevieve still roams about the gardens, and a man in an old-fashioned suit is believed to be the spirit of Dr. Warren who still paces up and down the halls at night. The two little girls who have been reported may be the ghosts of twin daughters who lived in the home after the Warren's in the late 1800's. Along with the normal hauntings such as lights going on and off, and small objects sometimes disappearing and reappearing, the sound of someone using an old typewriter can be heard throughout the night. This spirit is believed to be that of Dr. Warren typing out his speeches late at night, as reported by the doctor's great-grandson who once came back to visit the lodge.

Today Eaton Lodge is known as Old Town Manor, a classically beautiful Bed and Breakfast set in Old Town Key West. The staff say that guests regularly report strange occurrences throughout the night. In November 2009 one guest reported that after kicking off the sheets because he had felt warm, 30 seconds later the sheet was firmly placed back onto his foot. When he turned to see why his wife had replaced the sheet, he found her to be fast asleep. A week later another guest was awoken by a woman at the end of the bed in a white gown. Thinking it was her roommate, she shone her cell phone in the woman’s direction only to find there was no one there and her friend was asleep. Ghost hunters often visit the eerie Eaton Lodge to hear the disembodied footsteps and electronics mysteriously turning on and off. Guests have reported hearing footsteps outside their room late at night as if someone were walking back and forth in the hall. The house also has a strange problem of having the lights and radios go on and off.

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