Psychics, Mediums and Sensitives
Many people are confused about the difference between a medium, psychic, or sensitive. They are all linked, yet different.

  • Psychic refers to those who are connected to the paranormal through a "sixth sense". A "sixth sense" or intuition can't be explained by logic. It is believed that each one of us have some degree of psychic ability.

  • Sensitive also refers to anyone with this "sixth sense", or psychic prescience. These intuitions are also inexplicable by logic. Like a psychic, we all have varying degrees of sensitivity.

  • Medium requires the ability to surrender and suspend to a frequency or level of energy where spirits resonate. Spirits respond to humans with extrasensory perception, because they are equally passionate about communicating with their loved ones left behind.

Not all psychics are mediums or sensitives. A Sensitive-Medium is a psychic that has developed extrasensory abilities beyond the world of time, space, causality, and permanence. This is what allows these individuals to see and hear another dimension.

Psychic-Medium is able to tune into another dimension which enables them to see or sense another person or event from another place, time or realm. The medium channels this dimension through their psychic eye and are then able to perceive these unseen events and relate them back to the current time.

The psychic-medium's ability can be compared to having a remote camera set up on your computer where you may see another event that is happening on the other side of the world. This remote visual takes place due to the transmission of energy in the form of light. The psychic medium is able to achieve the same result, except instead of physical distance the psychic medium uses spiritual light energy which can transcend time and space to remote view persons that may have passed on. Their psychic medium gifts can also be used to view the future in the same way as previously described.

Mediumship is the ability of a person (the medium) to experience contact with spirits of the dead, angels, demons or other immaterial entities. The role of the medium is to facilitate communication with spirits who have messages to share with non-mediums. Mediums are able to listen to, relay messages from, and relate conversations with a spirit. They may or may not go into a trance (depending upon the medium's control and knowledge) and they speak without knowledge of what is being said, to allow a spirit to control their body and speak through it, perhaps using a writing instrument (as in automatic writing or drawing).

Psychic-mediums are amazing individuals that use their powers to help others along their journey of life, sometimes a word of love or phrase from someone that has passed over is enough to bring closure to their death.

There are many aspects to consider on how or why some people are so sensitive to the spiritual world. These things would help you to understand the possibilities of sensitivity.

  • Being open to all things and considering all aspects of a situation until you ascertain the truth.

  • Having a belief in God or a higher supreme being.

  • Believing in spirits or beings from the other side.

  • Having a compassionate heart and being sensitive to this world and the other side.

  • Having intuitive insight and developing and using your natural psychic abilities will help you to feel and see these spirits when they come near.

  • Practicing to see what works best for you in developing these natural abilities.

  • Some believe the more past lives you have lived, the more sensitive you are to the spiritual world, knowing and feeling the truth of it all. After you have many experiences you gain even more knowledge and understanding as it all comes together for you, it all starts making sense from the past to the present time.

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