Ghost Hunting 101
Ghost Hunting 101
First off, if you are going to begin paranormal investigating, there are a few things you must understand. "Ghost hunting" requires a lot of patience. Just because a location is proclaimed "haunted" that does not mean that something will happen. If something does happen, there is no guarantee that it will happen again. There are many different types of hauntings that can be associated with a location. There are many stories generated or have been associated with a particular place. Just because there is a story that does not mean the location is "haunted."  That is why investigators are here to research these claims and stories by performing investigations. These are all the basics to give you the tips you will need to get started.

Basic Investigating Tips
When investigating, keep an open mind as the mind is the investigator's best tool, and always remember that ghosts were people too.

  • Never investigate alone. If something happens there is a chance that another person will see it too, and if one of you should get hurt you will not be alone.

  • Never use a Ouija boards in an attempt to contact spirits. This is dangerous business as you could possibly open up to something  inhuman. We strongly object to the use of Ouija boards.

  • Always carry identification with you. If you get hurt or get stopped by law enforcement you will be  able to prove who are you.

  • Never trespass on anybody's property. Always get permission to be in cemeteries, buildings, or on private property. If it is a place where there is no contact like an abandoned building, our advice is to leave the area, but if you must go in and you are stopped by a law officer and he tells you to leave, then do just it.  Do not argue with the officer because trespassing is a violation of the law.

  • Always let someone know where you are in case of an emergency. Cellphones are handy, but just remember that cellphones will interfere with electronic equipment like EMF meters.

  • Bring plenty of batteries for your equipment and flashlights. It is believed that spirits can drain the energy in battery powered appliances as long as they are turned on.

  • Do research on the location before you arrive. Find the names of people who died there, gather claims of paranormal activity to determine where your "hot-spots" could be, and use this information to help you on your investigation.

  • Take a daytime trip to the location you are going to investigate, especially a cemetery or old abandoned house. Take pictures and notes of any hazards like holes, broken windows, rotting floors, etc. This will help you at night when you return by knowing where these hazards are. Remember better safe than sorry.

  • Do not take a large group of friends with you that are not really interested in paranormal research. If someone is going just for something to do, chances are your investigation will not go well.

  • Some spirits that you may come in contact with can be very dangerous. Inhuman spirits which are often referred to as demons can attack humans. Inhuman spirits are very powerful beings that can lift heavy objects and hurl them across a room.  Demons cannot be banished, only cast out. They can travel long distances as time is of no essence to them to find a new place to dwell. So the bottom line is, DO NOT mess around with an inhuman spirit.

The matter of an investigator's equipment revolves around their budget. Most groups can not afford all the fancy high tech equipment that is available out there, so here are some good tricks that are cheap and easy to use that will not break the bank.

  • The Flour Trick - This technique involves sprinkling some plain flour on the floor of an area that has claims of paranormal activity. The flour is put down in an attempt to capture footprints of spirits that walk through it.

  • Trigger Objects - You can also use a "Trigger Object" which is an item you place idle in a location as an attempt to get the spirit to move the object, or a variation of objects such as cigarette packs, chime boxes, and soda cans. You can use any light object you want, or try to mix these items up as a spirit may have a strong connection to a particular item. Also research the location you are investigating. Look up facts on people who have died here. For example, if someone who liked to smoke cigars died in this location, maybe place a cigar in an idle spot to try and interact with them.

  • Shave and A Haircut - You can also use this little trick to try and communicate with a spirit. Knock on a surface such as a door or a chair and ask for a response. This is actually taken from an old musical and is used to end a song, or you can also just ask a question and request for a certain amount of knocks for yes or no answers.

  • The Flashlight Trick -This little trick consists of taking a flashlight and turning it on and unscrewing the end cap until it can easily be turned on and off by a slight touch. You can also use a simple mini Maglite. The flashlight will cost you around $8.00 and comes with a belt sheath. One thing to keep in mind is the elements can interfere with this object, such as wind and vibration from someone's footsteps or movements. This little trick is inexpensive and easy to use.
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